Monday, June 20, 2011

Teaser for Confessions of a Love Sick Geek Chapter 16!

Here is a teaser for Chapter 16. I expect it to post in the next few days.

“Today is the day,” Bella purred seductively in my ear after leaning and pushing her breasts against me from the passenger side of the car.

“Fuck… I know, baby, but you’re going to make me crash if you keep that up,” I half-groaned, half-whined before adjusting my glasses, and focusing on the road ahead.

I knew what she was doing - the little vixen - she’d gotten me so fucking worked up on the webcam the last few nights, just teasing me relentlessly.

I came so fast the first time I‘d watched her, not to mention every time I had Bella’s sweet lips wrapped around me that I wasn’t sure I was going to last long enough when we actually made love, to make it good for her. Bella had suggested trying tantric sex. We both knew withholding my release three days probably wasn’t long enough to make the method work the way it was supposed to, but I was willing to try anyway.

Three days, it was the longest I’d gone without cumming since I was twelve years old. It was torture, pure fucking torture. Having her close to me in the car, whispering that shit in my ear. Fuck. I was thankful she hadn’t tried to touch me. I knew I would have jizzed all in my pants the moment her hand brushed against the bulge in my jeans. If that happened before tonight, all the waiting would have been for nothing.

As politely as I possibly could, I nudged Bella to her side of the car, keeping our hands grasped tightly so she wouldn’t take offense.

She snickered and shook her head in amusement.

That little tease knew exactly what she was doing. Just like on the web cam last night when she made me watch her fuck herself with the little pink wand again. She commanded me to keep my hands where she could see them. I wasn’t allowed to touch myself while I watch her slipping the bulbous tip between the silky lips of her soaked pussy, until she came hard soaking her thighs - making a mess.

I needed to cum so bad that I almost begged, but she simply growled lowly that I was not allowed. She told me that my orgasm was hers and that the next time I got to cum would be inside her hot little pussy. I nearly came from her words alone.

Bella had to go and take a shower, and suggested I do the same. I almost froze my nuts off trying to rid myself of the painful hard-on I was sporting.

When I awoke this morning with another rock-hard erection, I knew I hadn’t come in my sleep. For that I was thankful.

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