Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sophie's Sweet Temptation (An Erotic May December Short) Available Now On Amazon

Eighteen year old Sophie is dying to finally feel passion, to experience what sex is like, but all the boys her age not only bore her, the mere thought of being with one actually turns her off. 

On a weekend over at her best friend Abby’s house, Sophie bumps into Abby’s father who's usually away on business. Single and in his early forties, Mr. Taylor inspires in Sophie the type of lust all the boys in her school could only dream of causing her. Sophie assumes, however, that the chances of Mr. Taylor returning her ‘affections’ is nil so she does her best to suppress them. 

After an embarrassing incident involving a sauce stain and basketball shorts, an immense lust is unleashed that neither can deny. They both know it’s wrong. Still, as the night goes on, will Mr. Taylor hold back his desire for Sophie? Or will he give in and take what she is so willing to offer?

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