Sunday, September 30, 2012

My Beautiful - A Hello Beautiful Outtake for SU4K

Here is my teaser for the Outtake which will be in Edward POV

The moment I opened the door to our suite, the sight of Bella assaulted me where I stood, my cock twitched taking notice of the short little jean skirt she had on. She didn't need to turn around and bend over for my mind to conjure the image of the light denim fabric riding up over her luscious ass, giving me a glimpse of the silky pink panties I'd once found stuck to side of the dryer one day – the very same ones I was tempted to keep until I realized how fucking perverted it was.
Jesus Christ...

My imagination was starting to run away with me, and I couldn't stop myself from wishing that she'd be wearing those panties, knowing that it was too much to hope that she might have been thinking about me, wanting my cock so bad that a little wet spot soaked right through to the center just between her shapely thighs.

The temperature seemed to go up about a hundred degrees in here, and I hadn't even said anything to my beautiful. Clearing my throat a little, I muttered out a quick "Did you have a nice day?" She didn't answer though, she was too busy staring at me strangely as I removed my tie and jacket in an attempt to cool my body down and forget about the nasty thoughts running rampant in my perverted brain.

Still no answer. Was I that obvious? Could she tell that I was fighting with everything I had not to pop a fucking boner right now? Could she see my semi-hard cock twitching in my slacks?

Fuck it... "Bella?" I had to say something. I needed to know what was going on in that pretty little head of hers.

"Huh?" she asked wide-eyed, finally glancing up toward my expectant face. I at least needed to looklike I had some composure, even if it was barely hanging on by a thread.

"I asked if you had a nice day," I said quickly, my brow raised in question.

To get the compilation and the rest of this outtake check out the SU4K site!

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